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The Chiari pelvic osteotomy for patients with dysplastic hips and poor joint congruency


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We report the mid- to long-term (mean 20.3 years, 10 to 32.5) results of the Chiari pelvic osteotomy in patients with pre- to advanced stage osteoarthritis in dysplastic hips. We followed 163 Japanese patients (173 hips) with a mean age at surgery of 20 years (9 to 54). Overall, 124 hips (72%) had satisfactory results, with Harris hip scores ≥ 80. Satisfactory results were seen in 105 of 134 hips with pre- or early osteoarthritis (78%) and 19 of 39 hips with advanced osteoarthritis (49%). A total of 15 hips (9%) underwent a total hip replacement (THR) with a mean interval between osteotomy and THR of 16.4 years. With conversion to THR as the endpoint, the 30-year survival rate was 85.9% (95% confidence interval 82.3 to 89.5). It was 91.8% for patients with pre- or early osteoarthritis and 43.6% for those with advanced osteoarthritis (p < 0.001).

We now perform the Chiari osteotomy for patients with dysplastic hips showing poor joint congruency and who prefer a joint-conserving procedure to THR.

Correspondence should be sent to Professor H. Ito; e-mail: itohiro@asahikawa-med.ac.jp

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