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Information for librarians

  • Authentication and access methods
  • The administrator account
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  • Authentication and access methods

    IP Authentication

    Access by IP is preferred as it provides instant recognition for your users. We can register IPv4 and IPv6 protocols if using both at your institution. To add or remove your institution’s IP addresses please email your updates to subs@boneandjoint.org.uk and the subscriptions team will be happy to assist.

    To find your institution’s IP ranges currently held with Bone & Joint, log in to your institutional account using the administrator email address.


    Bone & Joint supports federated authentication through Shibboleth and OpenAthens.

    SAML/Shibboleth updates

    The entity ID for access via SAML/Shibboleth is https://boneandjoint.org.uk/saml/entity

    This has been registered within the UK Access Management Federation, and the eduGAIN meta-federation.

    If your institutional login service does not recognise services in the UK Access Management Federation or eduGAIN**, let us know which federation you are a member of so that we can ensure the service is registered there by emailing subs@boneandjoint.org.uk


    Since launch of our new platform in February 2023:

    • The WAYFless URL format is: https://boneandjoint.org.uk/start-session?entityID=
    • Redirector URLs have been updated by OpenAthens on your behalf.
    Seamless Access

    Supporting federated access through Shibboleth/OpenAthens, Seamless Access provides a quick and secure single sign-on, so that users can access Bone & Joint publications anywhere using their institution credentials.

    • How does it work?
      Seamless Access will recognise if the user has previously logged into Bone & Joint using their Shibboleth or OpenAthens detail and will display their previously used institution as the first option. Bone & Joint do not store the end user password information on our systems - only the preferred institution's details are retained.
    • What if my institution isn't listed?
      If your institution isn't listed then you will need to use your usual methods of access to our content as Bone & Joint have not been instructed to enable federated access for your institution’s account.

    Other authentication methods

    Referring URL

    Bone & Joint can set up referring URL access from a URL that sits behind a firewall and is not otherwise visible to unauthorised users. It must be a https:// URL and not be in a public domain. For further information on setting up URL access please contact subs@boneandjoint.org.uk

    Open URL

    If you provide access via an open URL, you can choose to provide an image of your logo to us to add to your account. Your logo will then appear on article pages within the list of references, for any references which your users can also access via your open URL. For further information please contact subs@boneandjoint.org.uk

    Google CASA

    Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) is an enhancement that improves authentication for off-campus users of Google Scholar. CASA is free and automatically enabled for all Bone & Joint customers that participate in Google Scholar.

    Discovery Services and Third Parties

    Library vendors and third parties have been informed of the change of platform from Atypon.

    The Bone & Joint Institutional Online Account

    We recommend you create an institutional admin account for your subscription to the Bone & Joint journals. In the institutional admin account you will find:

    • Access entitlements: View the subscriptions you hold with Bone & Joint, and the subscription period.
    • Shibboleth: Enter or update your entity ID for Shibboleth and OpenAthens access.
    • IP settings: View the IP ranges Bone & Joint hold for your institution.
    • Holdings: Use the holdings section to request a KBART Phase II A-Z report.
    • Usage reports: COUNTER reports are available to download or access via SUSHI credentials.

    Please note:

    • There is one administrator account for your institution, associated with a single administrator’s email address.
    • The administrator email address must match the email address associated with your subscription. This is normally provided by your agent, and is recorded on our system at the time of processing your order. Please email subs@boneandjoint.org.uk if you need to check or update the administrator email address.
    • You will need to log out of IP access (or any other authentication method) before you can access the admin account.
    How to log in to the admin account
    • Register as an administrator

      • To set up the admin account, register the administrator email address here.
      • After registering you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. Click the link in the confirmation email to complete the registration.
      • Please note: If you are unable to submit the registration form, you may have already registered the email address. Please try to Sign In instead, and follow the forgot password link if needed.

    • Sign in to an existing account

      • To login to an existing administrator account please use the sign in link on the homepage.
      • To reset your password please enter the admin email address here. If an account exists with that email address, you will receive an email with a link to reset the password.

    • Update administrator details

      • To change the administrator email address for your institution, please send the new email address to subs@boneandjoint.org.uk.
      • Please note: If you change the admin email address, you will need to register the new email address in order to access the admin account.

    Once logged in to the admin account
    • Personal settings
      • Use the personal settings section to sign up for the Bone & Joint journals table of contents alerts and opt in to marketing to receive the Bone & Joint journals quarterly e-newsletter, as well as updates on Bone & Joint’s other online products including OrthoSearch and OrthoMedia.
    • Usage reports
      • COUNTER reports are available for the current calendar year and the previous 24 months. If you have any difficulty accessing COUNTER reports or need assistance from the subscriptions team, please email subs@boneandjoint.org.uk.
      • SUSHI Credentials are available in the usage reports section.

    Set up a free trial subscription

    To set up a free trial subscription to The Bone & Joint Journal or Bone & Joint 360 for your institution, please email subs@boneandjoint.org.uk.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions or problems with your access or subscriptions, please email the Bone & Joint subscriptions team at subs@boneandjoint.org.uk and we will be happy to help.