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Bone & Joint Open
Vol. 1, Issue 9 | Pages 512 - 519
1 Sep 2020
Monzem S Ballester RY Javaheri B Poulet B Sônego DA Pitsillides AA Souza RL


The processes linking long-term bisphosphonate treatment to atypical fracture remain elusive. To establish a means of exploring this link, we have examined how long-term bisphosphonate treatment with prior ovariectomy modifies femur fracture behaviour and tibia mass and shape in murine bones.


Three groups (seven per group) of 12-week-old mice were: 1) ovariectomized and 20 weeks thereafter treated weekly for 24 weeks with 100 μm/kg subcutaneous ibandronate (OVX+IBN); 2) ovariectomized (OVX); or 3) sham-operated (SHAM). Quantitative fracture analysis generated biomechanical properties for the femoral neck. Tibiae were microCT scanned and trabecular (proximal metaphysis) and cortical parameters along almost its whole length measured.