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Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 3, Issue 4 | Pages 95 - 100
1 Apr 2014
Kaneyama R Otsuka M Shiratsuchi H Oinuma K Miura Y Tamaki T


Because posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) resection makes flexion gaps wider in total knee replacement (TKR), preserving or sacrificing a PCL affects the gap equivalence; however, there are no criteria for the PCL resection that consider gap situations of each knee. This study aims to investigate gap characteristics of knees and to consider the criteria for PCL resection.


The extension and flexion gaps were measured, first with the PCL preserved and subsequently with the PCL removed (in cases in which posterior substitute components were selected). The PCL preservation or sacrifice was solely determined by the gap measurement results, without considering other functions of the PCL such as ‘roll back.’

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 93-B, Issue 5 | Pages 705 - 707
1 May 2011
Shibayama M Ito F Miura Y Nakamura S Ikeda S Fujiwara K

Patients with Bertolotti’s syndrome have characteristic lumbosacral anomalies and often have severe sciatica. We describe a patient with this syndrome in whom standard decompression of the affected nerve root failed, but endoscopic lumbosacral extraforaminal decompression relieved the symptoms.

We suggest that the intractable sciatica in this syndrome could arise from impingement of the nerve root extraforaminally by compression caused by the enlarged transverse process.