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Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 3, Issue 9 | Pages 273 - 279
1 Sep 2014
Vasiliadis ES Kaspiris A Grivas TB Khaldi L Lamprou M Pneumaticos SG Nikolopoulos K Korres DS Papadimitriou E


The aim of this study was to examine whether asymmetric loading influences macrophage elastase (MMP12) expression in different parts of a rat tail intervertebral disc and growth plate and if MMP12 expression is correlated with the severity of the deformity.


A wedge deformity between the ninth and tenth tail vertebrae was produced with an Ilizarov-type mini external fixator in 45 female Wistar rats, matched for their age and weight. Three groups were created according to the degree of deformity (10°, 30° and 50°). A total of 30 discs and vertebrae were evaluated immunohistochemically for immunolocalisation of MMP12 expression, and 15 discs were analysed by western blot and zymography in order to detect pro- and active MMP12.