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Reconstruction of the hemipelvis with a modular prosthesis after resection of a primary malignant peri-acetabular tumour involving the sacroiliac joint

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We report our early experience with the use of a new prosthesis, the Modular Hemipelvic Prosthesis II, for reconstruction of the hemipelvis after resection of a primary malignant peri-acetabular tumour involving the sacroiliac joint.

We retrospectively reviewed the outcome of 17 patients who had undergone resection of a pelvic tumour and reconstruction with this prosthesis between July 2002 and July 2010.

One patient had a type I+II+III+IV resection (ilium + peri-acetabulum + pubis/ischium + sacrum) and 16 had a type I+II+IV resection (ilium + acetabulum + sacrum). The outcome was assessed at a mean follow-up of 33 months (15 to 59). One patient was alive with disease, 11 were alive without disease and five had died of disease. The overall five-year survival rate was 62.4%. Six patients had a local recurrence. The mean Musculoskeletal Tumour Society score was 58% (33 to 77). Deep infection occurred in two patients, problems with wound healing in five and dislocation in one.

For patients with a primary malignant peri-acetabular sarcoma involving the sacroiliac joint, we believe that this new prosthesis is a viable option for reconstruction of the bony defect left following resection of the tumour. It results in a satisfactory functional outcome with an acceptable rate of complications.

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