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The correctness of fit of current total knee prostheses compared with intra-operative anthropometric measurements in Korean knees

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We aimed to obtain anthropometric data on Korean knees and to compare these with data on commonly available total knee arthroplasties (TKAs). The dimensions of the femora and tibiae of 1168 knees were measured intra-operatively. The femoral components were found to show a tendency toward mediolateral (ML) under-coverage in small femurs and ML overhang in the large femurs. The ML under-coverage was most prominent for the small prostheses. The ML/anteroposterior (ML/AP) ratio of Korean tibiae was greater than that of tibial components.

This study shows that, for different reasons, current TKAs do not provide a reasonable fit for small or large Korean knees, and that the ‘gender-specific’ and ‘stature-specific’ components help for large Korean femurs but offer less satisfactory fits for small femurs. Specific modifications of prostheses are needed for Asian knees.

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