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The low contact stress patellofemoral replacement


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The low contact stress patellofemoral replacement consists of a trochlear component and a modular patellar component which has a metal-backed mobile polyethylene bearing. We present the early results of the use of this prosthesis for established isolated patellofemoral arthritis in 51 consecutive patellofemoral replacements in 35 patients. The mean follow-up was 25 months (5 to 60). The estimated survival rate at three years was 63% (95% confidence interval 47 to 80) with revision as the endpoint and 46% (95% confidence interval 30 to 63) with revision and ongoing moderate or severe pain as the endpoint.

The early results of the use of the low contact stress patellofemoral replacement are disappointing with a high rate of revision. We cannot therefore recommend its use.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr C. P. Charalambous; e-mail: bcharalambos@hotmail.com

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