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Cementless total hip replacement after previous intertrochanteric valgus osteotomy for advanced osteoarthritis

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We present a series of 30 uncemented total hip replacements performed between June 1985 and January 2002 with a mean follow-up of seven years (5 to 20) in 27 patients who had previously undergone a valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy. No further osteotomy was undertaken to enable hip replacement. We used a number of uncemented modular or monoblock femoral components, acetabular components and bearings. The patients were followed up clinically and radiologically. We report 100% survival of the femoral component. One acetabular component was revised at five years post-implantation for aseptic loosening. We noted cortical hypertrophy around the tip of the monoblock stems in six patients. We believe that modular femoral components should be used when undertaking total hip replacement in patients who have previously undergone valgus femoral osteotomy.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr K. Suzuki; e-mail: kojisuzuki325282@aol.com

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