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Precision tumour resection and reconstruction using image-guided computer navigation

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The use of a navigation system in musculoskeletal tumour surgery enables the integration of pre-operative CT and MRI images to generate a precise three-dimensional anatomical model of the site and the extent of the tumour.

We carried out six consecutive resections of musculoskeletal tumour in five patients using an existing commercial computer navigation system. There were three women and two men with a mean age of 41 years (24 to 47). Reconstruction was performed using a tumour prosthesis in three lesions and a vascularised fibular graft in one. No reconstruction was needed in two cases. The mean follow-up was 6.9 months (3.5 to 10). The mean duration of surgery was 28 minutes (13 to 50). Examination of the resected specimens showed clear margins in all the tumour lesions and a resection that was exactly as planned.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr K. C. Wong; e-mail: skcwong@ort.cuhk.edu.hk

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