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Lumbar and lumbosacral tuberculous spondylodiscitis in adults


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We have reviewed, retrospectively, 66 adult patients who were treated for lumbar or lumbosacral tuberculosis. A total of 45 had a paravertebral or epidural abscess, 24 had clinical instability and 18 presented with a radiculopathy, of which six also had a motor deficit. The diagnosis was usually made on clinical and radiological grounds and they were followed up until there were clinical and radiological signs of full recovery.

Conservative treatment with antituberculous drugs was successful in 55 patients (83%). None had persistent instability, radiculopathy or neurological compromise. We feel that tuberculous spondylodiscitis, especially in the lumbar spine, can usually be satisfactorily managed conservatively and that there are few indications for surgical treatment.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr S. Bhojraj.

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