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The placement of lumbar pedicle screws using computerised stereotactic guidance

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Computer-assisted frameless stereotactic image guidance allows precise preoperative planning and intraoperative localisation of the image. It has been developed and tested in the laboratory.

We evaluated the efficacy, clinical results and complications of placement of a pedicle screw in the lumbar spine using this technique. A total of 62 patients (28 men, 34 women) had lumbar decompression and spinal fusion with segmental pedicle screws. Postoperative CT scans were taken of 35 patients to investigate the placement of 330 screws. None showed penetration of the medial or inferior wall of a pedicle. Registration was carried out 66 times. The number of fiducial points used on each registration averaged 5.8 (4 to 7) The mean registration error was 0.75 mm (0.32 to 1.72).

This technique provides a safe and reliable guide for placement of transpedicular screws in the lumbar spine.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr F. P. Girardi.

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