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Osteotomy of the tibia for correction of complex deformity

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Twenty complex tibial deformities due to anterior poliomyelitis in 18 patients were corrected by a modified O’Donoghue osteotomy. This technique allowed correction of the deformity in three planes. This was achieved by widening the rectangular window distally to correct both rotation and valgus and by trimming the anterior edges of the step cuts to correct flexion deformity. An above-knee cast was applied for eight to 13 weeks and the patients followed up for a mean of 3.2 years. One of the 18 patients developed delayed union because of fracture of the medial limb of the step cut. The results showed excellent correction of the three-plane deformity and there was no recurrence.

This method of osteotomy is a safe and simple procedure which does not require internal fixation and allows correction of torsional and angular deformity.

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