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Get to know the editorial board

How long have you been on the board?

Far too long! Probably 15 years in various different capacities.

How did you first get involved with The Bone & Joint Journal?

I was the first registrar to sit on the board when I was Editorial Secretary for the BOA. I now sit on the board as BJ360 editor.

What is the best thing about being on the board?

I love the academic debate, shaping the future of orthopaedic and trauma surgery by improving papers, printing those that matter and helping those that are just below the bar find an alternative home.

What one piece of advice would you give to others who might like to get more involved with The Bone & Joint Journal?

Be enthusiastic - register as a reviewer, send in articles and manuscripts.

What song is top of your operating room playlist?

I operate in silence like a psychopath.