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Infographic: Mid-term outcomes after the surgical treatment of atypical femoral fractures
Infographic: Long-term core outcomes in cauda equina syndrome
Infographic: Minimum five-year outcomes of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty using a trabecular metal glenoid base plate
Infographic: Biologics in professional and Olympic sport: a scoping review
Infographic: Comparison of rehabilitation interventions in nonoperatively treated distal radius fractures: a randomized controlled trial of effectiveness
Infographic: Time to reconsider the routine use of tourniquets in total knee arthroplasty surgery: an abridged version of a Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis
Infographic: Single dose of tranexamic acid effectively reduces blood loss and transfusion rates in elderly patients undergoing surgery for hip fracture: a randomized controlled trial
Infographic: Cast immobilization is non-inferior to volar locking plates in relation to QuickDASH after one year in patients aged 65 years and older: a randomized controlled trial of displaced distal radius fractures
Infographic: The EBJIS definition of periprosthetic joint infection: a practical guide for clinicians
Infographic: Surgical treatment of the radial head in terrible triad injuries of the elbow
Infographic: The Orthopaedic Trauma Society classification of open fractures
Infographic: The effects of COVID-19 on perioperative morbidity and mortality in patients with hip fractures
Infographic: Effects of physical activity on long-term survivorship after metal-on-metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty: is it safe to return to sports?
Infographic: Total hip arthroplasty component wear and stability: vitamin-E diffused liner and porous titanium shell
Infographic: Impact of HIV on spontaneous spondylodiscitis
Infographic: Robotics are guiding arthroplasties to less pain and faster recovery
Infographic: Replacing failed reverse shoulder arthroplasties as a reliable revision approach
Infographic: Primary stability of a short bone-conserving femoral stem
Infographic: Fixed- versus mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty at ten years
Infographic: Economic justification for intramedullary nail fixation over locking plate fixation for extra-articular distal tibial fractures
Infographic: Triclosan-coated sutures and surgical site infections after hip and knee arthroplasty
Infographic: Meniscal transplantation is beneficial at one year
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