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The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 71-B, Issue 4 | Pages 677 - 680
1 Aug 1989
Summers B Eisenstein S

Chronic pain at the donor site was reported by 25% of 290 patients who had undergone anterior lumbar spine fusion for low back pain. Donor site pain has characteristic clinical features, may be severely disabling and is stubbornly resistant to treatment. The highest prevalence was in patients who had a tricortical full thickness graft taken through a separate incision overlying the iliac crest. Patients with a clinically unsatisfactory result from the spine fusion also had a significantly higher prevalence of donor site pain.

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 70-B, Issue 1 | Pages 63 - 68
1 Jan 1988
Summers B Turner A Wynn-Jones C

Shelf operations performed on 24 patients (27 hips) for late presentation of congenital hip dysplasia were evaluated. The mean age at operation was 14 years 9 months and the mean follow-up 16 years 8 months. Two-thirds of the hips had good clinical results at follow-up. Patients operated on under the age of 20 years and with little or no radiological evidence of degenerative joint changes had the highest likelihood of success. The shelf operation was found to provide good cover of the femoral head and, should failure occur, also provides adequate superior support for the seating of an acetabular prosthesis.