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Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 6, Issue 9 | Pages 530 - 534
1 Sep 2017
Krakow L Klockow A Roehner E Brodt S Eijer H Bossert J Matziolis G


The determination of the volumetric polyethylene wear on explanted material requires complicated equipment, which is not available in many research institutions. Our aim in this study was to present and validate a method that only requires a set of polyetheretherketone balls and a laboratory balance to determine wear.


The insert to be measured was placed on a balance, and a ball of the appropriate diameter was inserted. The cavity remaining between the ball and insert caused by wear was filled with contrast medium and the weight of the contrast medium was recorded. The volume was calculated from the known density of the liquid. The precision, inter- and intraobserver reliability, were determined by four investigators on four days using nine inserts with specified wear (0.094 ml to 1.626 ml), and the intra-class correlation coefficient was calculated. The feasibility of using this method in routine clinical practice and the time required for measurement were tested on 84 explanted inserts by one investigator.

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 87-B, Issue 4 | Pages 560 - 564
1 Apr 2005
Disch AC Matziolis G Perka C

Bone-marrow oedema can occur both in isolation and in association with necrosis of bone, but it has not been shown whether each respond to the same methods of treatment.

We treated 16 patients with isolated oedema and 17, in which it was associated with necrosis of the proximal femur, with the prostacyclin derivative iloprost, which has been shown to be effective in the idiopathic form. The Harris hip score, the range of movement, the extent of the oedema as measured by MRI, pain on a visual analogue scale and patient satisfaction were recorded before and subsequent to treatment.

In both groups, we were able to show a significant improvement (p < 0.001) in these observations during the period of follow-up indicating that iloprost will produce clinical improvement in both circumstances.