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Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 6, Issue 4 | Pages 208 - 215
1 Apr 2017
Decambron A Manassero M Bensidhoum M Lecuelle B Logeart-Avramoglou D Petite H Viateau V


To compare the therapeutic potential of tissue-engineered constructs (TECs) combining mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and coral granules from either Acropora or Porites to repair large bone defects.

Materials and Methods

Bone marrow-derived, autologous MSCs were seeded on Acropora or Porites coral granules in a perfusion bioreactor. Acropora-TECs (n = 7), Porites-TECs (n = 6) and bone autografts (n = 2) were then implanted into 25 mm long metatarsal diaphyseal defects in sheep. Bimonthly radiographic follow-up was completed until killing four months post-operatively. Explants were subsequently processed for microCT and histology to assess bone formation and coral bioresorption. Statistical analyses comprised Mann-Whitney, t-test and Kruskal–Wallis tests. Data were expressed as mean and standard deviation.