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The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 77-B, Issue 2 | Pages 293 - 295
1 Mar 1995
Le Huec J Schaeverbeke T Chauveaux D Rivel J Dehais J Le Rebeller A

We report two cases of epicondylitis of the elbow occurring after treatment with fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Both patients had intense pain which appeared very shortly after the first dose of the drug and was not relieved by conservative treatment. Ultrasonography revealed extensive inflammatory lesions with pseudonecrotic areas. MRI confirmed the lesions and also showed a subclinical abnormality of the adjoining tendons. The persistent nature of the pain was the indication for surgical release of the extensor mechanism. After operation pain disappeared completely and the patients were able to return to their normal activities. Lesions of the tendo Achillis are a well-known side-effect of treatment with fluoroquinolone. Our two cases show that such lesions may occur elsewhere. They also indicate the need for caution when prescribing these antibiotics to patients at risk of tendon lesions, such as top-level sportsmen or patients on dialysis or steroid treatment.