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The Bone & Joint Journal
Vol. 102-B, Issue 8 | Pages 1033 - 1040
1 Aug 2020
Kennedy JA Mohammad HR Yang I Mellon SJ Dodd CAF Pandit HG Murray DW


To report mid- to long-term results of Oxford mobile bearing domed lateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA), and determine the effect of potential contraindications on outcome.


A total of 325 consecutive domed lateral UKAs undertaken for the recommended indications were included, and their functional and survival outcomes were assessed. The effects of age, weight, activity, and the presence of full-thickness erosions of cartilage in the patellofemoral joint on outcome were evaluated.

Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 8, Issue 11 | Pages 535 - 543
1 Nov 2019
Mohammad HR Campi S Kennedy JA Judge A Murray DW Mellon SJ


The aim of this study was to determine the polyethylene wear rate of Phase 3 Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Replacement bearings and to investigate the effects of resin type and manufacturing process.


A total of 63 patients with at least ten years’ follow-up with three bearing types (1900 resin machined, 1050 resin machined, and 1050 resin moulded) were recruited. Patients underwent full weight-bearing model-based radiostereometric analysis to determine the bearing thickness. The linear wear rate was estimated from the change in thickness divided by the duration of implantation.

Bone & Joint Research
Vol. 7, Issue 8 | Pages 511 - 516
1 Aug 2018
Beverly M Mellon S Kennedy JA Murray DW


We studied subchondral intraosseous pressure (IOP) in an animal model during loading, and with vascular occlusion. We explored bone compartmentalization by saline injection.

Materials and Methods

Needles were placed in the femoral condyle and proximal tibia of five anaesthetized rabbits and connected to pressure recorders. The limb was loaded with and without proximal vascular occlusion. An additional subject had simultaneous triple recordings at the femoral head, femoral condyle and proximal tibia. In a further subject, saline injections at three sites were carried out in turn.