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Bone & Joint Open
Vol. 3, Issue 7 | Pages 589 - 595
1 Jul 2022
Joo PY Chen AF Richards J Law TY Taylor K Marchand K Clark G Collopy D Marchand RC Roche M Mont MA Malkani AL


The aim of this study was to report patient and clinical outcomes following robotic-assisted total knee arthroplasty (RA-TKA) at multiple institutions with a minimum two-year follow-up.


This was a multicentre registry study from October 2016 to June 2021 that included 861 primary RA-TKA patients who completed at least one pre- and postoperative patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) questionnaire, including Forgotten Joint Score (FJS), Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcomes Score for Joint Replacement (KOOS JR), and pain out of 100 points. The mean age was 67 years (35 to 86), 452 were male (53%), mean BMI was 31.5 kg/m2 (19 to 58), and 553 (64%) cemented and 308 (36%) cementless implants.