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The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume
Vol. 87-B, Issue 9 | Pages 1197 - 1202
1 Sep 2005
Fawzy E Mandellos G De Steiger R McLardy-Smith P Benson MKD Murray D

We followed up 76 consecutive hips with symptomatic acetabular dysplasia treated by acetabular shelf augmentation for a mean period of 11 years. Survival analysis using conversion to hip replacement as an end-point was 86% at five years and 46% at ten years. Forty-four hips with slight or no narrowing of the joint space pre-operatively had a survival of 97% at five and 75% at ten years. This was significantly higher (p = 0.0007) than that of the 32 hips with moderate or severe narrowing of the joint-space, which was 76% at five and 22% at ten years. There was no significant relationship between survival and age (p = 0.37) or the pre- and post-operative centre-edge (p = 0.39) and acetabular angles (p = 0.85).

Shelf acetabuloplasty is a reliable, safe procedure offering medium-term symptomatic relief for adults with acetabular dysplasia. The best results were achieved in patients with mild and moderate dysplasia of the hip with little arthritis.