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The Bone & Joint Journal
Vol. 103-B, Issue 11 | Pages 1731 - 1735
1 Nov 2021
Iobst CA Frost MW Rölfing JD Rahbek O Bafor A Duncan M Kold S


Limb-lengthening nails have largely replaced external fixation in limb-lengthening and reconstructive surgery. However, the adverse events and high prevalence of radiological changes recently noted with the STRYDE lengthening nail have raised concerns about the use of internal lengthening nails. The aim of this study was to compare the prevalence of radiological bone abnormalities between STRYDE, PRECICE, and FITBONE nails prior to nail removal.


This was a retrospective case series from three centres. Patients were included if they had either of the three limb-lengthening nails (STYDE, PRECICE, or FITBONE) removed. Standard orthogonal radiographs immediately prior to nail removal were examined for bone abnormalities at the junction of the telescoping nail parts.