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The February 2024 Oncology Roundup360 looks at: Does primary tumour resection improve survival for patients with sarcomas of the pelvis with metastasis at diagnosis?; Proximal femur replacements for an oncologic indication offer a durable endoprosthetic reconstruction option: a 40-year experience; The importance of awaiting biopsy results in solitary pathological proximal femoral fractures: do we need to biopsy solitary pathological fractures?; Effect of radiotherapy on local recurrence, distant metastasis, and overall survival in 1,200 extremity soft-tissue sarcoma patients; What to choose in bone tumour resections? Patient-specific instrumentation versus surgical navigation; Optimal timing of re-excision in synovial sarcoma patients: immediate intervention versus waiting for local recurrence; Survival differences of patients with resected extraskeletal osteosarcoma receiving two different (neo) adjuvant chemotherapy regimens; Solitary versus multiple bone metastases in the appendicular skeleton: should the surgical treatment be different?.

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