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Children’s orthopaedics


The February 2024 Children’s orthopaedics Roundup360 looks at: Hip impingement after in situ pinning causes decreased flexion and forced external rotation in flexion on 3D-CT; Triplane ankle fracture patterns in paediatric patients; Improved forearm rotation even after early conversion to below-elbow; Selective dorsal rhizotomy and cerebral palsy (CP) hip displacement; Abduction bracing following anterior open reduction for developmental dysplasia of the hip does not improve residual dysplasia or reduce secondary surgery; 40% risk of later total hip arthroplasty for in situ slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) pinning; Does brace treatment following closed reduction of developmental dysplasia of the hip improve acetabular coverage?; Waterproof hip spica casts for paediatric femur fractures.

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