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General Orthopaedics


Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) – Spring 2015


This session will be practically oriented, focusing on important surgical decisions and on technical tips to avoid complications. The panel will be polled concerning individual preferences as regards the following issues in primary total hip arthroplasty: 1. Peri-operative antibiotics/blood management/preferred anesthetics; 2. Surgical approach for primary total hip arthroplasty: indications or preferences for direct anterior, anterolateral, posterior; 3. Acetabular fixation; 4. Tips for optimizing acetabular component orientation; 5. Femoral fixation: (a) Indications for cemented and uncemented implants. (b) Role of hip resurfacing; 6. Femoral head size: Preferred head sizes in different situations; 7. Bearing surface: Present role of different bearings; 8. Tips for optimizing intra-operative hip stability; 9. Tips for optimizing leg length; 10. Post-operative venous thromboembolism prophylaxis; 11. Heterotopic bone prophylaxis; 12. Post-operative pain management; 13. Post-operative rehabilitation protocol: weight bearing, role of physical therapy; 14. Post-operative activity restrictions; and 15. Post-operative antibiotic prophylaxis for procedures.