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The European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) 2018 Meeting, PART 2, Galway, Ireland, September 2018.


Engineered cartilage is poorly organized and fails to recapitulate physiologic organization in a hyaline upper and a mineralizing bottom zone deemed important for proper function. Objective was to grow bizonal human cartilage constructs in which in vivo mineralization is self-restricted to the bottom zone. Self-assembling biomaterial-free cell discs were generated from mesenchymal stroma cells and allowed to accumulate proteoglycans and collagen-type II over 3 weeks. In vitro mineralization of the cell discs with four mineralization media for up to 8 weeks showed that calcification was supported in all media containing ß-glycerophosphate. However, proteoglycans were retained only in media containing insulin. Bizonal cartilage constructs were made from 3-week non-mineralized cell discs overlaid with chondrocyte-seeded starPEG-heparin hydrogel or with a fibrin-gel layer to select the best design for upper zone development. Freshly prepared zonal constructs were implanted into subcutaneous pouches of immuno-deficient mice to compare in vivo development. After 6 weeks in vivo, both construct types were rich in collagen-type II in the upper zone and contained a mineralized bottom zone. However, solely for starPEG constructs, tissue volume of the upper zone remained high and alkaline phosphatase, alizarin red, and collagen-type X staining were restricted to the bottom zone. StarPEG zonal constructs were superior to fibrin constructs due to self-restriction of mineralization and hypertrophic markers to the bottom zone. This innovative design of bizonal constructs offers the successful generation of an organized cartilage resembling the native cartilage with the chance for immediate use of autogenous chondrocytes in a one-step surgical joint intervention.