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Upper Limb

The long-term post-operative electromyographic evaluation of patients who have undergone carpal tunnel decompression

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We present the electromyographic (EMG) results ten years after open decompression of the median nerve at the wrist and compare them with the clinical and functional outcomes as judged by Levine’s Questionnaire. This retrospective study evaluated 115 patients who had undergone carpal tunnel decompression at a mean of 10.47 years (9.24 to 11.36) previously. A positive EMG diagnosis was found in 77 patients (67%), including those who were asymptomatic at ten years.

It is necessary to include both clinical and functional results as well as electromyographic testing in the long-term evaluation of patients who have undergone carpal tunnel decompression particularly in those in whom revision surgery is being considered. In doubtful cases or when there are differing outcomes, self-administered scales such as Levine’s Questionnaire should prevail over EMG results when deciding on the need for revision surgery.

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