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Traumatic amputations in children and adolescents


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There is no published literature detailing the demographics of paediatric amputations in the United Kingdom. We performed this review of children and adolescents referred to a regional limb-fitting centre from the 1930s to the current decade who suffered amputation as a result of trauma, and compared our data with similar cohorts from other units. Of the 93 patients included, only 11 were injured in the last 20 years. Road traffic accidents accounted for 63% of traumatic amputations. Of all amputations, 81% were in the lower limb and 19% in the upper limb.

Our figures are similar to those from a United Kingdom national statistical database of amputees which showed on average four traumatic amputee referrals to each regional limb-fitting centre in the United Kingdom per ten-year period. Compared with the United States, the incidence of paediatric traumatic amputations in the United Kingdom is low.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr A. J. Roche; e-mail: andyortho@gmail.com

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