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Effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation on callus remodelling in a gap-healing model


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We evaluated the effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation (LIPUS) on the remodelling of callus in a rabbit gap-healing model by bone morphometric analyses using three-dimensional quantitative micro-CT. A tibial osteotomy with a 2 mm gap was immobilised by rigid external fixation and LIPUS was applied using active translucent devices. A control group had sham inactive transducers applied. A region of interest of micro-CT was set at the centre of the osteotomy gap with a width of 1 mm. The morphometric parameters used for evaluation were the volume of mineralised callus (BV) and the volumetric bone mineral density of mineralised tissue (mBMD). The whole region of interest was measured and subdivided into three zones as follows: the periosteal callus zone (external), the medullary callus zone (endosteal) and the cortical gap zone (intercortical). The BV and mBMD were measured for each zone.

In the endosteal area, there was a significant increase in the density of newly formed callus which was subsequently diminished by bone resorption that overwhelmed bone formation in this area as the intramedullary canal was restored. In the intercortical area, LIPUS was considered to enhance bone formation throughout the period of observation. These findings indicate that LIPUS could shorten the time required for remodelling and enhance the mineralisation of callus.

Correspondence should be sent to Professor I. Ohnishi; e-mail: ohnishi-i@umin.ac.jp

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