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Children's Orthopaedics

Combined pelvic osteotomy for the bipartite acetabulum in late developmental dysplasia of the hip


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In late developmental dysplasia of the hip in childhood, the deformed dysplastic acetabulum is malaligned and has lost its shape due to pressure from the subluxed femoral head. The outer part of the acetabulum involves the upper part of the original acetabulum, thereby giving a bipartite appearance. A clear edge separates the outer from inner part which represents the lower part of the original acetabulum and has no direct contact with the femoral head.

Combined pelvic osteotomy (CPO) using a Lance acetabuloplasty with either a Salter or a Pemberton procedure restores the original shape and realigns the acetabulum. A total of 20 children (22 hips), with a mean age of 46 months (28 to 94) at primary operation underwent CPO with follow-up for between 12 and 132 months.

In each case concentric stable reduction with good acetabular cover was achieved and maintained throughout the period of follow-up.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr M. Rejholec; e-mail: rejholec@hotmail.com

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