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Guided growth


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Guiding growth by harnessing the ability of growing bone to undergo plastic deformation is one of the oldest orthopaedic principles. Correction of deformity remains a major part of the workload for paediatric orthopaedic surgeons and recently, along with developments in limb reconstruction and computer-directed frame correction, there has been renewed interest in surgical methods of physeal manipulation or ‘guided growth’. Manipulating natural bone growth to correct a deformity is appealing, as it allows gradual correction by non- or minimally invasive methods.

This paper reviews the techniques employed for guided growth in current orthopaedic practice, including the basic science and recent advances underlying mechanical physeal manipulation of both healthy and pathological physes.

Correspondence should be sent to Miss D. M. Eastwood; e-mail: d.m.eastwood@btinternet.com

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