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With the advent of locked volar radial plates there has been a wave of enthusiasm in the fixation of distal radial fractures with these devices. This study was designed to look at potential complications and pitfalls of this treatment modality.

80 consecutive cases treated by the author with locked volar radial plates were analysed. Complications were divided into major and minor groups and recorded exhaustively.

Major complications included 6 patients requiring further wrist related surgery, 1 patient with an iatrogenic radial artery injury, 1 patient with an iatrogenic palmer branch of median nerve partial injury, 1 patient with a complex regional pain syndrome and 6 patients with a less than adequate return of range of movement. ^ minor complications were recorded.

With attention to detail and by avoiding several recurring pitfalls volar locked plating is a safe and effective procedure.

Correspondence should be addressed to: Léana Fourie, CEO SAOA, PO Box 12918, Brandhof 9324 South Africa.