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This study was designed to investigate distal radial osteotomy performed from a volar approach for dorsal deformity. In the past conventional dorsal approaches have led to extensor tendon synovitis and a volar approach was thus appealing.

A prospective analysis of 8 consecutive patients with distal radial malunions with residual dorsal angulation was performed. In each case a volar approach was used and a locked distal radial plate was applied. Laic crest bone graft was used.

In each case an acceptable correction was obtained. Union occurred in 6–8 weeks. Pain and grip strength were improved in all 8 cases.

The author concludes that a volar approach and locked plate fixation is useful for the correction of dorsal deformity in distal radial malunions. Implant problems with this approach.

Correspondence should be addressed to: Léana Fourie, CEO SAOA, PO Box 12918, Brandhof 9324 South Africa.