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Schwannoma of the fibula

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We describe a schwannoma located in the mid-diaphyseal region of the fibula of a 14-year-old boy. Radiologically this was an expansile, lytic, globular and trabeculated lesion. MRI showed a narrow transition zone with a break in the cortex and adjacent tissue oedema. Differential diagnosis included schwannoma, fibrous dysplasia, giant cell tumour and aneurysmal bone cyst. The tumour was excised en bloc, with marginal resection limits, and there has been no recurrence two years after surgery. Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of classic schwannoma. There were typical hypercellular Antoni A zones, less cellular Antoni B zones, and diffuse immunoreactivity to S100 protein. This is the first report of schwannoma involving a long bone in a child.

Correspondence should be sent to Professor V. Madhuri; e-mail: madhuriwalter@cmcvellore.ac.in

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