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Foot & Ankle

Arthrodesis of the hindfoot for valgus deformity


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Correction of valgus deformity of the hindfoot using a medial approach for a triple fusion has only recently been described for patients with tight lateral soft tissues which would be compromised using the traditional lateral approach. We present a series of eight patients with fixed valgus deformity of the hindfoot who had correction by hindfoot fusion using this approach.

In addition, we further extended the indications to allow concomitant ankle fusion. The medial approach allowed us to excise medial ulcers caused by the prominent medial bony structures, giving simultaneous correction of the deformity and successful internal fixation.

We had no problems with primary wound healing and experienced no subsequent infection or wound breakdown. From a mean fixed valgus deformity of 58.8° (45° to 66°) pre-operatively, we achieved a mean post-operative valgus angulation of 13.6° (7° to 23°). All the feet were subsequently accommodated in shoes. The mean time to arthrodesis was 5.25 months (3 to 9).

We therefore recommend the medial approach for the correction of severe fixed valgus hindfoot deformities.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr W. F. M. Jackson; e-mail: jacksonwfm@hotmail.com

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