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Pseudofracture of the neck of femur secondary to osteomalacia

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Nutritional osteomalacia is a metabolic bone disorder common among the Asian female immigrant population in the United Kingdom. We describe the case of a female of Asian origin, who was found to have a unilateral undisplaced pseudofracture of the neck of the femur during pregnancy. Although not operated on the fracture was treated successfully with calcium and vitamin D supplement therapy. Within one month of treatment, the bone pain subsided and she was able to bear full weight. Subsequent radiological follow-up showed the pseudofracture to have healed sufficiently with no evidence of avascular necrosis.

There should be a high index of suspicion of this disease, particularly among Asian patients presenting with persistent and non-specific musculoskeletal pain.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr S. Lashari; e-mail: Shahbux.lashari@newhamhealth.nhs.uk

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