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7th Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Lisbon - 4-7 June, 2005


Aims: The aim of the study is to present early results in the treatment of hallux valgus with a new 3D subcapital metatarsal osteotomy, based on a original Wilson osteotomy. 3D subcapital metatarsal osteotomy is a simple and fast procedure where we shift capitis of metatarsal bone to lateral and plantar, and fix with K-wire.

Materials and methods: In the period from 1997 to 2003, 25 patients (all females) and 34 feet were operated. The patients were followed up from 1 to 7 years. The age of the patients varied from 33 up to 60 years (median value – 45 years of age). Indications for the corrective metatarsal osteotomy were the angle of hallux valgus more than 20 degrees, intermetatarsal angle more than 20 degrees as well as pain due to shoe pressure over the medial side of metatarsophalangeal joint, and aesthetic reasons. In this study all feet were evaluated (radiological, clinical and subjective evaluation).

Results: The angle of hallux valgus was 20 to 50 degrees (mean value – 32.3 degrees) preoperatively, and dropped to 2 to 35 (mean value – 12.47 degrees) postoperatively. Intermetatarsal angle was 10 to 22 (mean value – 15 degrees) before operation, and 3 to 15 degrees (mean value 5 degrees) after operation. The DMA angle was 0 to 30 (mean value – 15 degrees) before operation, and 0 to 20 degrees (mean value – 20 degrees) afterwards. Shortening of first metatarsal bone was 1 to 8 mm (mean – 3 mm). We did not have any complications.

Conclusion: Early results of this study show that new 3D subcapital metatarsal osteotomy in treatment of hallux valgus is a good method. It is necessary to follow strict and precise criteria in the indication of operative procedure in treating hallux valgus. The procedure itself is simple and fast.

Theses abstracts were prepared by Professor Roger Lemaire. Correspondence should be addressed to EFORT Central Office, Freihofstrasse 22, CH-8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland.