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Lower Limb

Triple arthrodesis: is bone grafting necessary?


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Our aim was to evaluate the results of triple arthrodesis, performed without the use of supplementary bone graft. We carried out a retrospective review of 100 consecutive triple arthrodeses. All the operations had been performed by the senior author (TSS) using a standard technique. Only local bone graft from the excised joint surfaces had been used, thereby avoiding complications at the donor site.

The mean age of the patients at surgery was 58 years (18 to 84). The mean time to union was 5.1 months (3 to 17). There were 75 good, 20 fair and five poor results. There were four cases of nonunion.

Our study has shown that comparable rates of union are achieved without the need for supplementary bone graft from the iliac crest or other donor site.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr T. S. Saxby; e-mail: forefoot@bigpond.com

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