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Supramalleolar derotation osteotomy for lateral tibial torsion and associated equinovarus deformity of the foot

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The development of lateral tibial torsion in the paralysed lower limb is well documented, but its pathogenesis is poorly understood. This paper attempts to provide an explanation for its development when it is associated with a varus or equinovarus deformity of the hindfoot. Correction of the lateral tibial torsion by supramalleolar derotation tibial osteotomy and reorientation of the ankle mortise appear to unlock the talus from the laterally rotated position, correcting a mobile hindfoot varus deformity and altering soft-tissue tensions about the ankle so that the correction achieved is maintained. In the presence of a fixed hindfoot deformity, supramalleolar derotation tibial osteotomy is useful as a first-stage procedure before corrective osteotomies of the foot. The operation described is technically simple and carries a low morbidity. Twenty supramalleolar derotation tibial osteotomies in 18 patients have been performed with satisfactory results and few complications.

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