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1. Synovitis was induced in the hip joints of fifty-six rabbits by the intra-articular injection of surgical talc. The opposite hip joint and eleven suitable"sham" operations served as controls.

2. The results in the hips injected with talc were as follows. Widening of the medial joint space and sometimes acetabular changes were seen; enlargement of the femoral head and neck in two planes was found, with, in most cases, flattening of the superior aspect of the head; there was thickening of the joint cartilage and sometimes deformity of the capital epiphysis; thickening of the cartilage was the main cause of the coxa magna, cervix magna and ischium magnum.

3. The embryology, micro-anatomy and development of the hip joint is reviewed and attention is drawn to the configuration of the layers of germinal cartilage cells. The effect of an induced synovitis in producing hyperplasia of the joint cartilage, incongruity of the articulating surfaces and subsequent subluxation is discussed.

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