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A Review of a Thousand Operations

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1. A thousand arthritic hips have been replaced by an uncemented metal-on-metal prosthesis, and 942 followed by annual review. The mortality of the operation has been 1·1 per cent, the rate of deep-seated infection 0·7 per cent and the incidence of dislocation 0·3 per cent.

2. Of 169 hips replaced by an earlier type of the prosthesis and followed for five to eight years, 45 per cent have remained excellent and 29 per cent good, but 14 per cent have required revision, mainly for loosening of the femoral component.

3. The current types of prosthesis, now used for five years, have given excellent results in 69 per cent and good results in 21 per cent of 535 patients followed for one to five years. Revision for loosening has been necessary in 2 per cent.

4. The improvement in results has been obtained by the introduction of a tapered screw thread on the pelvic component, and by a range of femoral components that ensures a good cortical fit.

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