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1. A sagittal technique for below-knee amputation for ischaemic gangrene based on mediolateral musculo-cutaneous flaps is described, similar to the one independently presented by Tracy (1966).

2. The results with this method are illustrated by the evolution of the below-knee healing rate over six years in 172 patients with ischaemic gangrene.

3. A comparison between sagittal and conventional flap techniques shows a reamputation rate of six out of fifty-eight in the former and sixteen out of forty-one in the latter.

4. The overall relative knee joint preservation during 1971 was 82 per cent, and the frequency of attempted below-knee amputation was 93 per cent.

5. It is concluded that the sagittal technique has several advantages in comparison to the posterior flap technique, and that the potential for healing is on the same high level.

6. A fully controlled comparison between different techniques is proposed.

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