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1. One hundred and forty-two cases of extra-articular arthrodesis of quiescent tuberculous hips with fibrous ankylosis have been reviewed.

2. The methods used were the ilio-femoral graft with and without osteotomy, and the ischio-femoral graft by the Brittain or Foley technique.

3. Success occurs more frequently when the grafting operation is combined with or followed by a femoral osteotomy.

4. It is suggested that this success is due largely to the increased immobilisation afforded by the osteotomy.

5. It appears that equally good results can be obtained with either an ilio-femoral or an ischio-femoral graft in these cases provided that an upper femoral osteotomy is also carried out, preferably at or soon after the grafting operation.

6. An upper femoral osteotomy will frequently convert an unsuccessful extra-articular hip graft into a successful one without further grafting.

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