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1. Attention is drawn to that type of rigid congenital flat foot in which the talus lies vertically instead of horizontally.

2. This deformity is rare, but if not treated successfully leads to an ugly, painful foot in adolescence.

3. The experience of five patients forms the basis of the present preliminary account. One adolescent and two young children under the age of five were treated unsuccessfully by both conservative and operative measures. More recently in two children with bilateral deformity open operation has been successful in restoring the shape of the foot.

4. The operation is essentially a reduction of a subluxation at the talo-navicular and subtalar joints. It entails freeing the head of the talus sufficiently to allow it to be lifted dorsally and laterally. The talus is then anchored in position by transplanting the distal end of the peroneus brevis tendon through the neck of the bone.

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