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Foot & Ankle

PROMS 2.0 in elective foot and ankle surgery: early experience from University Hospital of South Manchester

British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (BOFAS)



PREMS and PROMS are part of the national initiative of the DoH. They measure quality from patient perspective and also help patient choice. We present our pioneering experience of PROMS 2.0 which is a semi automated web based system to collect and analyse outcome data in real time.

Materials and methods:

Data was prospectively collected from January 2013 to June 2014. Outcome measures included EQ-5D VAS, EQ-5D Health Index, and MOxFQ, collected pre-operatively and post-operatively. Patient Personal Experience (PPE-15) was collected postoperatively. A semi-automated e mail based system – Amplitude – was used.


345 patients consented to participate.147 patients (42.6%) and 168 pathways (47%) signed up for PROMs 2.0 programme. 40 (27%) did not complete either pre-op or post op questionnaire after signing up. 30 patients (20.4%) completed pre-op and at least one post op score. 99 patients (58.9%) completed PPE questionnaire. 83% of respondents had improved or unchanged EQ-5D VAS score, and EQ-5D Health Index. MOxFQ scores showed improvement in over 80% of responses. 88% responded favourably (YES) to PPE 15 questionnaire.


Our data shows an improvement in PROMS and a favourable PREMS in excess of 80% of our elective foot & ankle patients following surgery. Patient response was higher for PPE questionnaire compared to other PROMs outcomes. Methods to increase patient enrolment and to encourage higher participation are required. We feel patient education and simplification of PROMS 2.0 are the key.