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General Orthopaedics


British Indian Orthopaedic Society (BIOS) Annual Scientific Meeting, Huddersfield, England, June 2018.


Background of study

Following the Montgomery ruling, consent is now a matter of law. The medical professionals have to show proof that risks and implications and material risks are explained to the patient and that they have accepted to go ahead with surgery.

Materials and Methods

We devised a free web based programme (www.consentplus.com) which introduces a documented checkpoint to the consent process in hip and knee replacement surgery. It enables reproducible high-quality bite-sized information delivery to patients and their families in an optimal environment. It utilises the flip classroom principle to facilitate dialogue between doctors and patients. It generates physical documentation to show patients’ knowledge and understanding of the risks; to produce a truly informed consent.


1567 users completed the Consent PLUS process over 28 hospitals across the UK. 98.1% of users were satisfied with Consent PLUS in terms of quality of service and information delivered. Users’ self-rated knowledge increased by 29%, independent of age group, prior knowledge or check-point scores. Supportive documentation for 100% of the users, which facilitated the consent process but did not replace the consultation.

60% of users accessed the system via desktop computers, 23% via tablet and 17% via mobile phone. 55 consultant surgeons and 28 hospitals have been registered into the system by the users. 96.9% of users found Consent PLUS useful and 96.3% would recommend it to their friends. 92.6% would use it again.


Consent PLUS can facilitate information delivery and improve patients’ understanding of the risks of surgery and its implications subjectively and objectively. Consent PLUS is a tool designed to enhance and facilitate the consent process, not to replace the current consent forms.