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The purpose of the work described was to find the average pressure on each of several areas of the acetabular cartilage of the cadaver hip under physiological loads. By obtaining load-deflection curves for one chosen area of cartilage, firstly with all the cartilage present and then after the successive removal of other areas, the fractions of the original load carried by the several areas were found, and hence the average pressures on those areas. Seventeen hips (age range twenty. two to eighty-seven years) were examined. Local pressures varied from zero to 3.4 times the average pressure in each hip. The highest pressures in the series (about 4 to 5 megaNewtons per square metre) were on areas of thin fibrocartilage which were identified at the zenith of certain acetabula. The results are too few to establish whether or not the pressure distribution was age-related. The higher pressures found are within the range which in other experiments has led to fatigue failure of femoral head cartilage, and it is suggested that hips in which such pressures exist under loads of three times body weight may be predisposed to osteoarthritis.

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