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Spinal and pelvic parameters in Marfan’s syndrome and their relevance to surgical planning

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Spinal deformities are a common feature of Marfan’s syndrome and can be a significant cause of morbidity. The morphology of the scoliosis associated with this condition was previously described by Sponseller, but no correlation with the pelvic parameters has been seen. We performed a retrospective radiological study of 58 patients with scoliosis, secondary to Marfan’s syndrome and related the findings in the thoracolumbar spine to the pelvic parameters, including pelvic version (tilt), pelvic incidence and sacral slope. Our results showed marked abnormalities in the pelvic values compared with those found in the unaffected population, with increased retroversion of the pelvis in particular. In addition we found a close correlation between the different patterns of pelvic parameters and scoliosis morphology. We found that pelvic abnormalities may partially dictate the spinal disorders seen in Marfan’s syndrome. Our results supplement the well-established Sponseller classification, as well as stressing the importance of considering the orientation of the pelvis when planning surgery.

Correspondence should be sent to Mr M. M. Mullins at 162 Woodman Road, Warley, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5AL, UK; e-mail: mark@mullins71.fsnet.co.uk

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