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Children's Orthopaedics

Cosmetic bilateral leg lengthening


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The Ilizarov method for leg lengthening was used for cosmetic reasons in 54 patients with constitutional short stature. A mean lengthening of 7 cm with a low rate of complications produced an excellent or good outcome in all the patients, including improvement in psychological disturbances related to short stature. Those who undergo the procedure must be highly motivated, fully informed and understand the technique and possible complications. We suggest that the Ilizarov method for cosmetic limb lengthening is a technique without major complications. However, it requires careful follow-up, and the involvement of orthopaedic surgeons who are familiar with use of the circular frame and are experienced in limb lengthening and correction of deformity for pathological conditions.

Correspondence should be sent to Dr M. A. Catagni; e-mail: maurizio@catagni.it

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